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Deaf Job Seekers: How to Deal with Multiple Job Offers

Applying for jobs and showing up for job interviews are tough tasks for anyone. Trying to decide which position to pick if you get multiple job offers, it can be quite overwhelming. If you are in such a situation, the following suggestions below can help you deal with multiple job offers:

Think Long Term

You must analyze the scope of your job responsibilities for short and long terms. Think about what you want in the near future and distant future. This step can make a big difference in your decision. Try to ask around and connect with other people who have performed at the same job level for their inputs. Ask them regarding your prospects and growth in the job. Ask yourself would this job help you with your career advancement and compare this job with other job offers.

Analyze Job Duties

Some jobs require you to perform duties or tasks every day that you do not like. Determine if this particular job has too many duties that you do not want when compared with other job offers. This step can help you to narrow down the job offers quickly. Never settle for a job that does not excite or motivate you. Look for the job duties that are a good match for you before accepting the job offer and declining other offers.

Know your Boss and Colleagues

Upon receiving a job offer, there is no harm in calling your prospective boss and communicating about job expectations. Ask more questions about the job duties or other relevant issues, if any. Check with the potential boss if you could talk with your future colleagues to get a good sense of what kind of boss and co-workers you will be working with. Once you get all your queries answered and your expectations clarified, you should be able to make the right decision.

Know About the Employer

Not only you should get to know your prospective boss and colleagues; you also should familiarize with the company or organization you are going to work for. Do your research and find out all about the employer. Find out about their values and employee turnover rates. Evaluate their reputation within the community. After that, you can evaluate if the employer is a good fit for you.

Salary and Benefits Do Matter

It is without any doubt that salary plays a significant role in deciding whether or not you should accept the job offer. You should not focus solely on the salary. Look at your benefits as well. Sometimes you get a lower salary, but the benefits are fantastic. Be sure to weigh both salary and benefits before deciding. Compare them with your other job offers. Be sure also to evaluate the cost of living in the area you are going to live in for the new job. Sometimes, a higher salary does not justify the high cost of living in a specific area. Be sure to watch out for that.

Let’s hope that the above suggestions will help you decide which job to choose if you currently have multiple job offers. Making a well-informed decision can help you with making the right decision. Good luck!

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