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Deaf Job Seekers: What to Consider Before Deciding to Relocate for Your Job

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

When a tough job market comes, many job seekers often consider relocating to a new city or another state for better career opportunities. The job market can be even more challenging for most deaf and hard of hearing job seekers. Many deaf and hard of hearing people have to relocate to other states for deaf-related jobs. Before you make the decision to move, here are some factors to consider.

Moving can be stressful and expensive.

Not all organizations will offer relocation assistance to candidates, but this should be discussed early on in the interview process, especially if you are a professional with a masters’ degree. If your skills are in a high demand, you may have the leverage to negotiate with the employer for relocation assistance. You should keep in mind that assistance with the costs associated with moving should be one of the most important factors in your decision to relocate for a new job. Moreover, some organizations may offer housing help as well. This could alleviate some stress by giving you time to get adjusted in your new job and community while searching for the right housing situation in the right area.

Is the community the right fit?

After you have completed your research on the organization, aced all of the interviews, your references gave you a glowing recommendation; you will want to consider before you accept the job offer and uproot your life, by making sure the new city or state fits your lifestyle. You want to be happy in the new job, as well with your career, and the organization you choose to grow with, but equally –if not more important –is the place you will call “home”. At some point during the interview, travel to the location and the city/state should be arranged, so that you have an opportunity to check out the area. You can do this by Internet search and on-site visits. Check with other deaf organizations or with old your college friends (if any) in that area. Contact your acquaintances in the area as well.

How will the organization support you during the transition?

Moving is not only stressful but can be frightening. It's important to understand how involved and helpful your recruiting team will be to make the transition less painful. Perhaps, upon your request, your new employer can connect you with another employee who recently relocated for the job. This connection can be a valuable resource for you as they were once in your shoes.

When you're mulling over your new job offer, there are more to think about than just the salary and the relocation package; although those two things are very important. You should also think about the day-to-day life you will want to create in your new city or state when you relocate. Good luck!

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