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Eight Best Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable at Work

Having a job that you love is can be quite fulfilling. However, if you want to move up in your career or gain greater job security that nobody wants to get rid of you; here are eight best ways to make yourself invaluable at your workplace:

1. Be Organized

Be well-organized and do not procrastinate at your job. Being organized requires excellent time management on your part. Your organization skills will help you go very far at your job. Not only that, this particular trait will results in excellent job performance all year around.

2. Be Extraordinary

Set high standards for yourself. Do your best in everything you do, and continuously seek to improve yourself, including learning new skills that nobody else in your place of employment has. Many companies and organizations want to keep their best employees.

3. Be a Problem-Solver

Being excellent problem-solver can make you an employee that nobody wants to lose. Work hard to come up with new and fresh ideas. Not only that, if you could solve other department’s challenges, you will make yourself as indispensable to many co-workers. Offer to help and don’t take credit for your accomplishments at all times.

4. Be Committed

Keep your commitment to updating your superiors and co-workers about your progress on a task or project. This vital trait shows others how committed and productive you are. Others will see you as a valued employee when you show your strong commitment.

5. Be Reliable

Keep your commitments and do what you say you will do. Supervisors love it when their employees are reliable and can be counted on.

6. Be a Team Player

Nobody likes a star employee who works alone or would not be part of the team. Many co-workers and possibly the managers might be willing to get rid of you if you are not a team player even if you are the best employee. Being an extraordinary employee AND a team player makes you even more valuable at any company or organization.

7. Be Self-Aware

Understand your role at the individual, team, departmental, and organizational levels. Stay out of areas that are not your concerns. You may offer to help, and if nobody takes it, you should step back. Your colleagues and superiors will appreciate you for it.

8. Be Positive

Being positive will go a very long way for you. Your co-workers probably have enough drama in their lives, and they very likely do not want to deal with co-workers who constantly create conflicts at work. Do your best to have a positive attitude at work, so that you can build quality relationships with other employees. By doing this, you will be seen as a valuable asset to the organization or company.

If you do all of the behaviors mentioned above or even do most of them on a daily basis, it will increase your likelihood of rising to the top of your company or organization. Even if you do not want to become a leader or a boss yourself, you are likely to have higher job security because of these eight behaviors.

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