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Five Reasons You Should Be In Job-Search Mode Even If You Love Your Job

Many employees, even those content with their jobs and making good money, continually looking through job boards and job search engines looking at job openings in their fields or even in similar areas. It is not such a bad habit considering there are many reasons being in a continuous job-search mode is advantageous to those currently employed.

1. Forcing you to continually update your resume. Being in a job-search mode forces you to keep your resume up-to-date. In doing this, you get the opportunity to list your latest accomplishments or to update the language in your resume, including any new job responsibilities. Job openings usually have short deadlines to apply, and you can quickly apply for the job you really like when you have your resume ready to go.

2. Failing economies. The world is only one natural disaster, terrorist attack, or pandemic away from a global recession; that is the reality of things in the 21st century. Global economies can collapse instantly, forcing tens of thousands if not millions of people out of work. Those in a continuous job-search mode, rebounding from a layoff or furlough, are easier to do, as they will likely know of job openings available within their field or in related fields. You should stay up on your job searches because no job is immune to layoffs or when an economy collapses. In a similar vein, individual companies or organizations have their own money problems due to strange circumstances or money mismanagement. These institutions may need to lay off a large number of employees to compensate for a gap in the company’s or organization’s budget. This happens all too often. It is better to know what job opportunities are available out there before a surprise job loss occurs.

3. Staying well-versed in your field. Those people who ever remain in job-search mode have a considerable advantage over their peers who do not. Explicitly speaking, those people reviewing job ads in job search engines or online job boards are likely well versed in what new technologies and skillsets employers in their field are looking for. These are the people who are more likely to complete ongoing training to stay competitive with recent college graduates who are usually leaving college with knowledge of the latest technologies in their fields. If you keep looking at job ads in your field, you will likely see the skills and education that hiring managers are looking for, which continually changes. Follow through with this knowledge and get trained in new technologies and theories before you get left behind.

4. Knowing what the competition earns. Building on the idea of staying up to date on developments in your industry, staying in job-search mode is very advantageous when considering lifetime earnings. A person who continually checks out job ads will likely have a better idea of the salary he or she deserves and can demand in a given job market. So, when an annual review comes up, knowing the average salary in your field could make things easier for asking, if not demanding, a raise or other benefits and perks. Should an employer refuse to provide a pay raise, the person who has stayed in job-search mode would likely know of job openings where he or she could get the pay level he or she seeks and be able to walk away from a job. Those who do not stay up to date on the average salary their position commands could lose out on higher earnings.

5. Landing your dream job. Most people have a perfect job they have dreamed of since they were kids, whether it is a job in their chosen field or a similar field. By staying in job-search mode, you are more likely to see when a chance opens up for you to apply for that dream job. It is unlikely that someone else will keep watch for you regarding your dream job, especially since many people rarely let others know their dream job. To have a real shot at that dream, you have got to keep an eye open, searching job ads online or in print. Many people have missed out on their dream job simply because they were not reading through job ads.

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