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Five Top Things Hiring Managers Don't Want to See on Your Social Media Pages

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

It's no secret that hiring managers or job recruiters will look at your social media pages before a job interview or possibly after making you a job offer. Opinions differ as to whether or not that's fair, but the reality of it is that it often happens. Don't lose the opportunity of landing a job that you really want because you had too much fun at the last party and decided to post it online. This is just one example.

Here are five top things job recruiters or future employers don't want to see on your social media pages:

1. Excessive foul language. Employers want to know if you can communicate professionally and have a good vocabulary like you displayed in the interview. It is true that it's your personal page, but if you can't post without using profanity, how likely are you to slip up at work at an inopportune time?

2. Improper pictures. Most employers are conventional in nature and likely would not want their employees to post or share improper pictures on their personal pages. Employers do not want to be embarrassed by its employees’ lack of judgement in posting inappropriate pictures online.

3. Overly political. While you have rights to your own political beliefs, but if you post or share too many controversial articles related to politics or write comments that likely inflame or anger others with different political beliefs, employers may steer clear from interviewing or hiring you.

4. Poor spelling and grammar. Writing comments or posts with poor spelling and grammar are often a turn-off for employers. Your English does not have to be perfect every time you write something on your social media pages, but be sure to think through what you write and proof-read before you post. Use a spelling checker tool while you are at it.

5. Bad mouthing previous (or possibly still current) employer. Even though it's your personal social media page, you must never bad mouth your current or past employer, especially when you're in the midst of a job search. Just don’t do it. Your posts can haunt you.

The bottom line is that if you are in the job market, you will seriously want to revisit your social media pages and start the cleanup process. This will allow you to be prepared for the prying eyes of hiring managers or job recruiters. This includes asking your friends to remove pictures or negative comments that you do not want your future employers to see.

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