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Five Ways to Recruit Deaf and Hard of Hearing Workforce

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Diversify your sourcing efforts

When you think about recruiting deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing candidates for the positions within your organization, the same old tactics shouldn’t be used. Most organizations that advertise job postings, use one or two job search engines or job boards. Beyond the job postings, many organizations do not have a solid recruitment plan in place. Though traditional job search engines that list deaf- related jobs, they are not often targeted to one specific market. Oftentimes, job search engines produce false hits by listing unrelated jobs that can be a frustrating experience for deaf job seekers. Expanding your recruitment marketing can also diversify your candidate pool from far and wide.

Create a vlog about the position

For hard-to-fill positions, it is a good idea to create a vlog to advertise about the job positions within the organization. Bring out your video camera and ask your brightest employees to advertise about the particular job position using American Sign Language (ASL). This recruitment tool allows potential candidates to see their future co-workers on video. In addition, filming your campus or office site allows candidates to see the positive work environment which may encourage them into applying.

Sponsor an Event

Another way to expand your candidate pool is to sponsor an event with an audience of the type of candidates you’re actively seeking. If you’re in need of employees that specialize in behavioral or mental health, why not sponsor the national conference and have an exhibit booth there? This not only exposes your organization to diverse audiences but serves as a platform to showcase the organization as a community partner.

Host a Workshop

If your organization has a need for ASL Teachers, why not host an ASL workshop that specifically trains ASL Teachers? This not only advertises the need for ASL Teachers but also serves as an opportunity to create a pipeline of future teachers.

When you’re planning your strategy to recruit deaf and hard of hearing workforce, think beyond the workplace and be creative in your efforts. It won’t only help to meet your organizational goals, but help shape the reputation of the organization within the community and the workforce it seeks to hire.

Attend a Job Fair

Attending a job fair is another good recruitment tool. You will want to attend job fairs at colleges that have a large number of deaf students who are expected to graduate in a few months. Gallaudet University, National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID), California State University-Northridge (CSUN) and similar schools are prime examples. Check their dates for job fairs and start making plans to attend. If the college does not have one, offer to host a job fair and invite other deaf organizations to participate.

Here are five more ways to recruit deaf and hard of hearing workforce, click here for more information!


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