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How Long Should I Wait After a Job Interview?

The waiting time for the employer to get back to you after your job interview can be nerve-wracking. Oftentimes, the employers take over two weeks or longer to shortlist the job candidates. The waiting period for an employer responding to the top candidate can easily vary from company to company. You can ask the employer how long it will take them to let you know their hiring decision and go from there. There are few things that you need to consider before waiting for a callback or an e-mail from the employer, which are addressed below:

Be patient

Although it may take about two weeks for the employers to get back to their candidates after they have interviewed them, it is quite common for the employers to take longer than two weeks to get back to you. If you have another job offer, try to wait a bit longer (maybe one to two more weeks) before you decide.

There can be many reasons why the hiring manager might not make a job offer to you in a short period of time. It is very likely that the manager has more candidates to interview. This process can take a while. It is possible that even if the manager wants to hire you right away, he or she may have to do a background check first. Your references may take too long to respond to the hiring manager’s questions about you. Putting together a job offer package also might take a bit more time, particularly if the Human Resources Department has to sign off multiple paperwork before the hiring manager can make a formal job offer to you.

Don’t Blame Yourself

It is certainly understandable how difficult it can be to keep waiting for the employer to contact you with the good news. If you have been waiting for over two weeks after the employer told you that they would decide within two weeks; don’t blame yourself if the employer did not keep their promise. After two weeks, you should consider reaching out to the employer about their hiring decision. Avoid showing desperate behavior to the employer by contacting the employer too many times after the interview.

Follow up with an E-mail

It is a good idea to write a professional and concise follow-up e-mail to the hiring manager or the Human Resource Department. Calling them is another good alternative. You can always ask about their decision and how much more time they will need before deciding. A good organization or company would inform their candidates of their hiring decision.

Value Your Time

If you don’t hear from the employer after more than two weeks even if you followed up with them, you should start to move on and start looking for another job. It is perfectly fine to drop yourself out of the hiring process if the employer is taking too long to come to the final decision. You can seek other job opportunities elsewhere. You must value your time and gracefully move on if the employer does not contact you after a certain time.

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