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Common Interview Question: “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

This particular question, or some form of it, is a standard question that many hiring managers ask in the interview. Even if this question sounds very simple, but this is an important interview question for hiring managers.

Hiring managers want to feel as though their organization is your first choice. That being said, you need to be able to speak about what excites you about working for their organization. Tell the hiring managers how you can contribute to the organization, not what the organization can do for you, both personally and professionally.

This common interview question also helps the hiring managers to see if your experience aligns with their current needs and that you would be able to jump right in on the job duties discussed in the interview. Moreover, your answer to this question can demonstrate that you understand their organizational goals as described and you are really interested in collaborating with the other team members within the organization.

Again, this interview question can help the hiring managers to see if you intend to grow within the organization. By saying that you intend to stay within the organization for the long term helps the managers to see that you are looking to be there for the long haul and help them feel confident about investing in you.

This interview question is another opportunity for you to sell yourself while showing your knowledge about the organization and the job position, so use it to your advantage for the inevitable job offer.

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